Following a successful career in the Royal Navy, Mike has had a wide and
varied career history that along with being a member of the Coaching
Academy, includes achieving a degree in Psychology, and a BTEC National
Diploma in Leisure Studies. Mike is also a qualified Black Belt Lean
Continuous Improvement Practitioner as well as a certified personal trainer.
During Mikes varied career history he has had the opportunity to work with,
and manage people from many diverse cultures and from all walks of life.

Through this experience Mike has come to understand and appreciate that
individuals are all different in their own unique way; but one thing that Mike
has learnt is that people, with a little help, inspiration, support and guidance,
can fulfil their aspirations and achieve almost anything imaginable.

Whether you face personal, team or organisational issues – with my guidance and assistance you will gain more clarity and confidence, enabling you to develop a solution for your specific needs. There are several ways we can work together. Take your pick.


BSc (Hons) MBPsS