Mental and Physical Well-being

Individuals need to be supported, inspired, and empowered to make positive change in their life-style choices and well-being. A lack of mental and physical well-being can lead to anxiety, depression, stress and exhaustion. For the last few years, I have been motivating people by providing support to help them stay focused and motivated. I can help you develop good mental and physical well-being by providing professional guidance so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals. Taking the first step may be the most difficult, but it will certainly be the most rewarding, that leads to your journey of change towards a happy and productive life-style.

Confidence Coaching

Confidence is a challenging concept, and even more difficult to define for each of us – we all have our own perceptions of what being confident means. It is personal to you – for you, is it having the confidence to be able to walk into a public place, join a club, catch a flight, or to go on holiday on your own? Is it being able to stand up in front of a group of strangers and deliver a presentation? Is it being able to say no when you want to say no? Equally, is it just being able to make that decision, big or small, and know, mistake or not, you had the confidence to make it.
What could make you more confident? Why do some just ‘have it’, are they born with it? People achieving their life-goals do so because of the confidence they possess, they know what they want and how they are going to get it, they know when they want it and nothing is going to thwart them.

They haven’t always been like that, and most of us will never be like that unless we start evolving into the person we’ve always imagined ourselves to be. Everybody is different, some people go out there and grab life by the horns, but they too still need support in doing so. Others are unsure what to grab and they need that little bit more support. So take that first step on the path to self-fulfilment.

Career, Work, Business

Do you feel unfulfilled, like you are under achieving, or that you are in a job or role where you feel stuck in a rut or can’t see where you are going? Just working the hours away for the weekend or that annual holiday.

If you are, do you have a thousand excuses as to why you are doing it and why you can’t move on or make that change? The thing is ‘we fear what we don’t know’, so what is it we are going to do about it. Don’t forget we spend most of our lives at work so why not do something we like, something we look forward to.

Easier said than done I hear you say. Well NO! It’s easier to say it’s easier said than done, than to do anything about it.

Think about it, we go to work on Monday and say ‘Good Morning’ where people reply, what’s good about it, ‘it’s Monday’? Then we say ‘Good morning’ on Tuesday, with a reply ‘well a least it’s not Monday’, you see where I’m coming from and this happens every week.

So what are you going to do about it? You hold the answer – so let’s work this out together so you can get the support and self-affirmation you deserve, and maybe even that job that you can look forward to on a Monday and every other day of the week. We all need to know what we want or have some inclination, the thing is we’re all a little unsure, so take that leap of faith and let me join you on your journey and together we can fulfil your goals.

Personal Growth

Are you at that crossroads in life – not sure where you want to be?

The purpose of life coaching is not to change you, but to tap into your inner resources and help you overcome any challenges or obstacles that might be holding you back.

I will support you on this journey for as long as it is needed, and together we will see the new you as you embrace the change that will take you to your next step in this exciting new period of your life.

Corporate Coaching

Are you frustrated, worried and angry because your business seems to be stagnating, the sales team does not achieve targets, costs are going up, or you are facing increased competition? You’re not alone. It’s a common set of feelings for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Do the people in your organisation feel empowered where needed, are they encouraged to ‘own’ their area / department, and are they held accountable? Are you unsure how to change the organisational culture so that people feel empowered, valued, and autonomous?

You will need the insight, strategies, and tools to understand how to change the organisation’s culture to one that supports and encourages empowerment, collaboration, innovation, and autonomy. Working together your workforce can drive your business to the next level. That’s where I can help – I’m passionate about Continuous Improvement and Lean methodologies that will help you to make a difference to your business – you will become more committed, more focused and ultimately much richer both financially and emotionally.


Why is it we have the answers to everyone else’s relationships but not our own. The truth is we actually do, as no one knows you better than you know yourself, and what you really want. It’s just a matter of taking time to listen to one’s self without self-doubt. Easier said than done I hear you all say, and you’re right. A lot has happened in your life with numerous influences and decisions that have had significant consequences, whether you know it or not.

You have mapped your way through life collecting baggage along the way, choosing the path you needed to take, when sometimes you really wanted another path. Is it time to stand back assess your situation and choose the path that’s going to fulfil some of your life-goals.

We might be in the right relationship, but just approaching it the wrong way. Relationships are a lot more complex than people imagine. You have two different personalities with all their own little idiosyncrasies. Let’s not forget we’ve all had some sort of relationship before this one or the one we’re hoping for in the future. We all need to know what we want from a relationship and how we are going to achieve it, this is where I, as your life-coach, will work with you and help you to find the answer, so come with me on that path to fulfilment and let’s make it work for you.